hvac system

An HVAC system in your new home

When you move into a new home you should immediately take an overall assessment of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC) and have it inspected by an HVAC specialist. More so than any other system in your home, problems with your HVAC systems can lead to significant problems in your home and damage to the value of your property. In addition, get in touch with phoenix roofing contractors to check for any roof issues, you never know! This article will discuss some of the common problems that are present in your HVAC system, what damage it can cause, and how you should address it to avoid these problems.

Heating System

While a new home in Arizona doesn’t have the same heating needs of other homes which have risks associated with pipes freezing and bursting, a poorly operating heating system could result in poor hot water distribution for your sinks and showers, and can lead to significant leaks in your home. A water heating system generally works with a hot water boiler that circulates water from a centralized spot (commonly in your basement) and the water is distributed through circulator pumps through pipes through your house. An inefficiently designed system can lead to higher fuel costs or leaks. Have your system inspected by a licensed plumber as soon as you move in to make sure that it is in good working suggestion and ask for simple solutions, such as adding insulation to the pipes, which can make a big difference on your energy bill as well as how effective your system runs. Sometimes simple fixes like replacing a corroded circulator pump can help to avoid a failure in your heating system that could lead to leaks and water damage.

Cooling System

new houseAir conditioning is an essential process in any Arizona home and simple steps can make sure that your cooling system is operating efficiently. When you first move into a home take some time to understand how your system works and be sure to have your system inspected and tested by a professional HVAC firm. They can identify weakness in you system and can help to implement simple changes to it. Examples can be changing the filter on your central cooling system and keeping the intake vents clear and free from debris that can lead to problems with your central air system. Many central air intake cooling tanks are located outdoors and become covered with debris from trees. Having a clear opening above them can make a world of difference for your cooling system.

Your HVAC system is one of the most essential and critical systems to get up and running when you first move into your home. Use professionals to make sure that the system is working efficiently and effectively. Ask for recommendations for maintaining the system to prolong its life and as if there are any immediate system upgrades needed to further improve you system.